The Navy Medical Corps Officers’ Wives Club of Washington, DC began in 1947, with a purpose of hosting social and benevolent activities that would benefit military families in their region. This group of military spouses quickly became known as The Oakleaf Spouses Club. Since then, The Oakleaf Club has grown to become a worldwide network of military medical spouses and service members who support their military community.

Here in San Diego we host weekly playgroups, monthly “Evening Out” events, and several luncheons throughout the year. The Sunshine Committee brings dinners to families when needed, such as after the birth of a child, or the hospitalization of a loved one. Our Benevolent Committee arranges Holiday and Easter meals for families staying in the Fisher House, as well as providing donations to the ER, Pediatrics, and the Wounded Warriors to name a few. We also award scholarships for military dependents pursuing a career in the medical field.

More than anything, we hope to foster a sense of community– one of belonging, of friendship, of family. We know that being in the military means frequent moves and long distances to “home”, but we hope to bridge that gap a little. We hope to create a group of people who not only enjoy each other, but rely on one another as well.

Mostly, we hope to see you.